Sunday, March 1, 2015

Dream Fair 2015

Finally I have the honor to introduce you all "The Fair Addicts SL" first fair!
TFASL is a new organisation in second life and Room69 production.
Once we started playing with our decor it became pretty obvious to us what our first theme should be.
Be prepared to be amazed and dazzled in our dreamworld we created just for you.
I have made a moodboard to give you an idea what kind of designs we are expecting in the fair.

We selected SL's finest designers that were selected by our team, that is the reason it is only at invitation only. It is possible to apply so we can consider your entry.
Also will we be looking for bloggers on our team, if you feel you meet the requirements feel free to fill out the application.

If you are selected we will contact you within several days.
Thank you for your intrest.